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Spot On Cleaning Services LLC was created in the spring of 2012 in order to provide residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services to its clients across the state market. These cleaning services include the complete and timely cleaning of carpets, windows, tile floors, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, break rooms, board meeting rooms, as well as any other cleaning services requested by our clients.

Why Choose Us

As Biblical Entrepreneurs, the most important aspect of doing business is our relationship with God. Our business philosophy is to become and remain successful stewards of the resources that God has provided to us in order to further His kingdom here on earth. We will use all of the profits of doing business to either further our business mission, or give to people who truly need assistance. We will maintain partnerships with and donate to churches in the surrounding areas, non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and United Way, as well as provide scholarships for students in third world countries.
To become the number one janitorial cleaning service by providing exceptional cleaning experiences through our ability to follow Christian guiding values in our everyday work for the purpose of furthering God’s kingdom.
We will operate as a Christian Business through serving the needs of God’s kingdom by helping our clients to live and work in an exceptionally clean environment. Our Christian guiding values will be apparent in our everyday work, and we will seek opportunities to educate others about Jesus Christ. Our profits will be used to not only further the company’s mission, but will also enable us to provide opportunities for education, employment, and support for those that need it most.

More About Us

Our Services

  • Routine Cleaning Service 92%
  • Deep Cleaning Service3%
  • Window Cleaning Service1%
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Service1%
  • Hard Floor Cleaning Service1%
  • Exterior Power Washing Service1%
  • Spring / Event Cleaning Service1%

Drew Garber

Owner, On-Site Cleaning

Rae Ann Garber

Owner, Managing Director