Satisfaction Survey

We want to make sure that you are COMPLETELY satisfied with your cleaning experience! With that being said, I’m asking you to take a few minutes from your busy day to fill out this quick survey about the person who cleaned for you. Please be honest, as we pride ourselves in the workmanship that we do.
Thank you & God Bless!


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Our Staff

Did you cleaner arrive on time?

Was your Cleaner in Uniform and maintain a professional appearance?

Was your Cleaner self-motivated, dedicated & enthusiastic about their job?

Do you have any comments/suggestions about your cleaner?

Our Cleaning Abilities:

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), how satisfied were you with our overall quality of cleaning?

Where the cleaning tasks performed consistent throughout your home or office?

Do you have any comments/suggestions for how we can improve our cleaning abilities or services?